Parity in the News

The past decade has brought with it the rise of some of the most interesting, most dynamic, most forward-thinking women in human history; women who are actively trying to close the gender gap. Today, Refinery29 is highlighting eight women who have pursued six fantastic ideas to bring us closer to equality. Beth Haggerty [is] co-founder and CEO of Parity Partners, a recruiting firm that’s trying to fix the tech and financial industries’ diversity problem once and for all.

- Refinery29 Meet the 8 Women Who May Help us Reach 50/50,  April 26, 2018

A number of women spoke about the importance of spaces (both digital and real-world) that made it easy for founders and entrepreneurs to come together for workshops and structured group sessions. A number of resources came up here: from Parity Partners’ Parity Pods to Pomegranate’s “breakfast salons.”
“We see Parity Partners’ mission as essential to the future competitiveness of the venture capital industry,” said Joel Cutler, managing director at General Catalyst, a leading venture capital firm with offices in Boston, New York, San Francisco and Palo Alto. “We support P3 because the program will help firms retain high-quality talent that will drive positive impact on our investments and returns.”